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Buy 60 or 120 bottles from same domain in franco all France (except Corsica) at same price as in Domain

Our domains and castles Drapeau français

Discover our domains and castles without having to travel! Choose and order online. We have a big choice of French designations of origin at same cost as in domain. We want to provide high quality wine, rigorously selected within our beautiful French designations of origin, from little castle to big domains

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Dixvins has more than 15 years experience in wine sector. We can help you choose your wine according to your favorite flavors

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Dynamism and reactivity are our watchwords!

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  • Our goal is to create a trusted relationship with our winemakers.
  • Dixvins is an international showcase for wine and spirit professionals.
  • Buyers from France Export can search for lots of French designations of origin without having to move.
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  • Our goal is to be accessible to all professionnals wherever you are located.
  • For any quantity, any refences, any providers, any shipment, Dixvins handles it overall for your satisfaction.
  • We represent all french wine regions, including most prestigious designations of origin.
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About Dixvins

E-business platform based in Auxerre. We are approached by winemakers from different designations of origin. Some of our winemakers have been nominated in different agricultural competitions in Paris, Bordeaux, Mâcon, Lyon as well as in press, in the RVF, Wine Spectator et Guide Parker.

We collaborate with wine merchants, wholesellers, importers and restaurants of wine and spirits, in France and abroad.